Ann Hazard is passionate about all things Mexican. She is a third generation Baja Aficionada who has had a home in Baja since the early 90s. La Bufadora, just south of Ensenada, was her first Mexican address. She had a second home there until 2003, when she sold it in order to move full-time to Baja California Sur. An adventurer by heart, she has explored the big circle that extends from La Paz southeast through Los Barriles and Buena Vista, down the coast of the East Cape, into the Los Cabos area and back up Baja’s South Pacific coast to Todos Santos. She lived in Buena Vista and La Paz before setting her roots down in Todos Santos in 2013.

Ann comes by this Baja fixation naturally. After all, her grandfather, “Pappy,” ran cattle on both sides of the border, from Texas to California back in the late 1800s. Once he settled in San Diego, he traveled extensively in Baja, hunting and fishing and enjoying the people, the food, the wondrous landscape with its raw, untarnished beauty. He was named “Mr. Tijuana” one year when Ann was a kid, for his contributions to that border city. Ann’s dad tagged along with Pappy as a kid, and grew up loving Baja in his own right. He began taking Ann and her sister Nina to La Paz when they were 6 and 8. They camped on beaches all over the peninsula and flew into remote resorts only accessible by small planes.

Ann has written four books about Baja. Her first came out in 1997. It was Cooking with Baja Magic—Mouth-watering Meals from the Kitchens and Campfires of  Baja. It’s been out of print for nearly a decade. Cooking With Baja Magic Dos replaced it in 2005. It is her fourth and most popular book. It includes updated versions of all 175 recipes that were in her first cookbook, 75 new recipes and adventure stories and all new art. According to her editor at Sunbelt Publications, Jennifer Redmond, “This is the only Mexican cookbook anyone ever needs to own.” It’s pretty comprehensive, and it’s full of fun adventure stories.

Ann’s second book, Cartwheels in the Sand, came out in 1998. It is an insightful novel about four women’s odyssey of self-discovery while traveling the Baja peninsula in an RV. Drawing upon personal experiences, Ann created fictional characters that are entertaining and believable and has sent them on an authentic road trip. Believe it or not, Ann finally made this female-only journey with a friend and their three dogs in January 2014. Their trip was only five days and not nearly as drama-ridden as that of the ladies in Cartwheels! But it was every bit as awesome. They did it again in October 2014 in the aftermath of Hurricane Odile, when there weren’t any flights into Los Cabos. No drama then either!

Her third book, Agave Sunsets, is a collection of 50 tales spanning four generations of Baja adventures. Rich in knowledge of Mexican culture and lore, Ann writes about “Bay of L.A. — Aquarium on the Moon,” “Boys ‘n Beer in Baja,”  “Expatriated Americans — As the Palapa Turns Down East Cape Way,” “Baja’s Exotic Wine Country,” “Exploring the Baja Cave Paintings” and “Can You Tell Me …Where is the Second World?” Whether read in one sitting or perused story by story, Agave Sunsets is a memorable journey through Baja.

Additionally, Ann has written articles for publications including: San Diego Union-Tribune, Destino Los Cabos, Coastal Living Magazine, The Baja Citizen, Los Cabos Magazine, Cedros Review, Baja Traveler Magazine, The Coast News, The Baja Tourist Guide, Baja Times, RV Companion, Western Outdoor News, Discover Los Cabos, Discover Baja, Sister Cities Magazine, McCall Magazine, Eastcapers, La Buena Vida in Buena Vista and The Mexico File. She has contributed to the following websites over the years:,,, and